Training for Services

We offer a range of training to service providers through our Health Inequalities training programme. These courses aim to raise awareness of health inequalities and encourage service providers to reflect on their practice, challenge stigma and contribute towards tackling health inequalities in Dundee.

Mind Yer Heid Plus

A full day session aimed at a wide range of service providers that impact on the health and wellbeing of Dundee’s citizens. The session focuses on increasing participants understanding of mental wellbeing and health inequalities as well as supporting use of motivational interviewing techniques helping participants to consider how they can improve their interactions with people who access their services.

Eventbrite - Mind Yer Heid

Poverty Sensitive Practice

The Dundee Partnership Fairness Strategy challenges poverty and promotes social inclusion. Recent changes due to Welfare Reform have brought new challenges and require different ways of thinking to support people into employment and enable them to survive and thrive on a limited income. The Poverty and Stigma session aims to explore with participants the experience of people living in poverty so that they begin to make the link between how services are delivered and feelings of stigma and exclusion. For service users, these feelings may impact on the accessibility of services or feelings of being judged for requiring services.

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Substance Use, Stigma & Supporting Recovery

Substance Use, Stigma & Supporting Recovery is a 3 hour awareness session developed in response to the findings of a community wellbeing questionnaire. Substance misuse was identified as an issue having a negative impact on community and individual wellbeing across Dundee’s community regeneration areas (CRA’s).

This session aims to challenge the stigma associated with substance use through exploring the links between wellbeing, inequality and addiction.  This input is targeted at service providers who are likely to come into contact with people who misuse substances and/or people in recovery. Register on Eventbrite via the button below. We are also able to offer sessions to volunteers and community groups - get in touch with the team if you are interested.

Eventbrite - Substance Use, Stigma & Supporting Recovery