Health Issues in the Community

Health Issues in the Community (HIIC) is a course that helps people understand what affects their health and the health of their communities.  
Run by tutors across Scotland, HIIC supports people of all ages to develop the skills and knowledge to address health issues using community development approaches.


Through the course participants gain a broad understanding of the social model of health, health inequalities, power & participation and community development approaches in health – and how they can use these to make change happen in their communities.

HIIC is managed by CHEX - The Community Health Exchange and the Community Health Team is currently the main provider of HIIC courses in Dundee.

Find out more about the course here or read more about our experience of delivering HIIC in Dundee here.

Live in Dundee and interested in the course? Get in touch with the team and we'll let you know how you can get involved!

Active & upcoming HIIC courses

Hilltown Community Centre (active since May 2022)

Finmill Community Centre (active since Sept 2022 - currently on hold due to staff absence)

Charleston Community Centre (starting 30th October 2023)